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We are placing emphasis on a fair use of resources!

A modern business cannot only think about itself. A sustainable use of resources and treatment of the environment should always be a priority. That is the case at Mar-Ko: We work with an emphasis on the fair use of resources and tailor our products as well as their manufacturing to waste prevention.


Electricity from solar energy and cogeneration units

We produce our electricity with the latest solar plants – solely through the sun's energy. Additionally to the solar collectors we possess our own cogeneration units for generating electricity. All in all we produce 4.000.000 kWh green energy per year. We convert up to 80% of the thermal energy that is released by the cogeneration units into cold. Our hot water generator benefits from the remaining warmth.  

Regular analysis of our energy consumption allows for optimal electricity generation usage. By doing that we discover savings potential time and again which is put into action as fast as possible. The savings potential has the highest priority when it comes to our system's optimisation.


Irrigation with rainwater

The caught rainwater which is saved in huge tanks is used for the irrigation of the complete green areas on the firm's property. Up to 1.300 m³ water that was obtained entirely ecological is utilized in that way.


Assisted by experts

All processes for energy generation and environmental conservation are being recorded, evaluated and examined for further optimisation. Competent experts are there to assist in word and deed in that area. Therefore we do not only take care of our customers but we are also  at the forefront when it comes to issues like environmentalism and sustainability in energy generation.


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