Sustainable quality snack products

Sustainable quality snack products

Highest product safety and unbeatable flavour!

We do everything – except compromise. Perfected recipes, best raw materials and utmost diligence in the manufacturing process guarantees a constantly high quality and reliable perfect enjoyment with every one of our snack products.

There cannot be any exceptions when it comes to quality. Because of that there is consistent quality management at the center of our business philosophy. Responsibility to the customer is the most important guideline at the basis of our actions. We have developed our own quality program to make sure to do this trust in us justice at every step of the production chain. The program essentially has four features:


Mar-Ko raw materials 

Naturally you can be sure that we only use high quality resources for our products: that applies from our salami snack meat to our batter. 


Mar-Ko manufacturing

Mar-Ko's snacks are produced and packaged with the help of the most modern technology. The trusting relationship to our employees makes the highest professional standards and interpersonal relationships possible. Frankness, honesty and understanding are keywords that describe Mar-Ko's positive working atmosphere. Regular trainings as well as the high identification of our employees with Mar-Ko guarantee an effective exchange of experience and an active inclusion into constant product improvement.


Mar-Ko monitoring

At Mar-Ko there is internal quality monitoring before, during and after the manufacturing process. Expert investigations by independent organisations guarantee additional safety. Complete traceability of our products is assured at all times.


Mar-Ko partnership

A lot of businesses talk about partnership – we live partnership! Through long-term trusting business relationships with our raw materials suppliers we receive only the best ingredients for our hearty snacks – with origin and quality guarantee of course.

Yearly awards from the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and certificates for our manufacturing processes confirm our products' constant premium quality time and again.

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Meat snacks sustainably produced – we are placing emphasis on a fair use of resources!



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